Forward Fold
I like making up my own yoga poses. This one is Upside Down Forward Fold Hanging From a Wobbly Tree Branch.

As a toddler, Grace Ling Yu was always climbing things, running around, and getting upside down. Not much has changed.

Grace resides in Marin County and she is the Creator of Stop Drop And Dance (TM), the Operations Director at Marin Power Yoga, and teaches dance, fitness, and yoga classes at Marin Power Yoga and Bay Club Marin.

Breakdancing Freeze Legs Wide
Part of a surprise hip hop dance performance at my wedding with my hubby and the Eight Count Dance Ministry.

Grace’s background includes competitive gymnastics, cheerleading, and hip hop dancing with 220 Second to None and Eight Count. After college, Grace became a Kindergarten teacher and earned her Masters in Education. After a long day of teaching 33 Kindergarteners, Grace took fitness and yoga classes in the evenings to stay sane.

In 2005, Grace became an ACE certified Group Exercise Instructor and started teaching her own HIIT Cardio Strength Fitness classes. In 2011, she became a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and is now a 500E-RYT and the lead teacher for Marin Power Yoga teacher trainings. Grace holds additional certifications in TRX, PiYo, TurboKick, and Zumba Strong.

Growing up as a competitive dancer, Grace felt that dance was always associated with perfection, alignment, and standing out.  It mattered how good of a dancer you were.  It mattered how synchronized your troupe was.  It mattered where you stood in your formations.  Of course all of that is important for performances and professional dancing!  However, Grace reached a point in her life where she just wanted to dance, for the pure JOY of it.  Grace created Stop Drop And Dance (TM) in an effort to invite and unite dancers and non-dancers to follow simple choreography using popular songs on the radio, and get a great workout at the same time.   No mirrors, no competition, no ego.  Grace never imagined Stop Drop And Dance would become a community, a tribe, a family.  It is now her healing space and she hopes it can be yours too.

Stop Drop And Dance-A-Thon Party

Grace is a mother of two beautiful and sweet girls, and is a wife to a supportive and loving husband.  Outside of teaching and exercising, Grace loves traveling and eating dessert!

I am…

A mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter.

A creator, a designer, a visionary director.

A teacher, a student, a constant learner.

A terrible cook, but a passionate eater.

A climber, a mover, a ready challenger.

A tough, perfectionist, over-achiever.

An introvert by nature, an extrovert by desire.

A feeler, a sensor, a frequent crier.

A dreamer, a hopeful believer in good.

I am as grateful as I possibly could.

Thank you for finding your way here and joining my extended family.

Love, Grace

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