Astavakrasana Eight Angle Pose
Love love love arm balances! Great for the core, upper body, and mind.

As much as I love jumping and sweating and lifting weights, I know that yoga is the best form of exercise for my body, especially in the long term.  Yoga strengthens not only my body, but also my mind, teaching me to be calm in all situations, teaching me to try my best and believe in the impossible, and teaching me determination and acceptance especially when I struggle or fail.


My Yoga “Portfolio:”

Prenatal Yoga Dance to “How Long Will I Love You” by Ellie Goulding

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Yoga Dance to “Make You Feel My Love” by the Glee Cast

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Yoga Dance to “Amazing Grace” by Chris Tomlin

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Note: I chose this song because so many times after introducing myself as a little girl, someone would say, “Oh like Amazing Grace?” and they would start singing. It has a special place in my heart because I’ve known the lyrics for so long, but didn’t really understand the meaning behind the words until 20 years later. I am far far far from “amazing,” but I do appreciate and am grateful for God’s wonderful and amazing graces in my life – giving me second, third, hundred chances, loving me when I didn’t love myself, helping me find a purposeful life, and guiding me day by day. This routine is a blend of everything I love: yoga, dance, choreography, music, and God. Thanks for watching!


Yoga Tutorials:

How to do a Sun Salutation

Lolasana (Pendant) Yoga Pose Drills Choreographed to The Chordettes “Lollipop”

Prenatal Yoga For Experienced Yogis

How to do a Press Handstand

How to do Mountain Pose – Tadasana

How to do Chair Pose – Utkatasana


Favorite Yoga Playlists:

“When the Fog Rolls In” – June 2013

“Brand New Day” – January 2014

“President Style” – February 2014

“Spring” – March 2014

“Everything is OK” – April 2014

“Cinco De Mayo” – May 2014

“Earth” – April 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day Playlist – February 2016

3 thoughts on “Yoga”

      1. I know. When I first started 5 years ago I couldn’t touch my toes. It’s been more confidence than strength when doing inversions but I’ve been lucky enough to have some awesome, patient teachers 😀

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