Beyonce “Before I Let Go” Dance Challenge

Well, if you didn't know... Beyonce released her latest "Homecoming: The Live Album" two weeks ago, and with it, a new song titled, "Before I Let Go."  Then, she created a  DANCE CHALLENGE to that song.  Beyonce invited her fans to come up with their own dance moves to match the lyrics in her song,… Continue reading Beyonce “Before I Let Go” Dance Challenge

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#StopDropAndDance With Grace Ling Yu

So you know when a catchy song comes on the radio, and your body just wants to MOVE? Well, that's exactly how I feel, pretty much on a daily basis.  Justin Timberlake's latest song, "Can't Stop the Feeling," is no joke.  When I first heard that song, it was around 10pm.  And I stayed up another… Continue reading #StopDropAndDance With Grace Ling Yu