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Mommy and Me Yoga Poses

Our kids just want to spend time with us.  They want to come to work with us, join our date nights, and help with errands.  In my household, I am always doing yoga, so therefore my kids want to do yoga with me all the time! Teaching our kids yoga can provide them with so… Continue reading Mommy and Me Yoga Poses

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Prenatal Yoga Dance to “How Long Will I Love You,” By Ellie Goulding

Mother's Day just passed two days ago, and at times I am still in disbelief that Mother's Day is now a celebration for me too!  How much changes in 5 years... from never sleeping in anymore, to taking 1 hour to get out of the house in the mornings versus 15 minutes, to having stuff...… Continue reading Prenatal Yoga Dance to “How Long Will I Love You,” By Ellie Goulding

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Prenatal Yoga For Experienced Yogis

If you had a regular yoga practice for at least one year before getting pregnant, than this post is for you.  Maintaining your yoga practice throughout your pregnancy will help you feel better physically by stretching out areas that are achy, keeping your body strong and limber, and allowing you to sleep better at night. … Continue reading Prenatal Yoga For Experienced Yogis

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Halloween Pregnancy Costume 2014: Turtle

Last year, we dressed up as a family around my daughter's choice of being a "fish" for Halloween, which specifically turned into a "Finding Nemo" family costume theme.  This year, my 3-year-old daughter chose to be a "turtle," so of course we had to find a way to create a "Turtle" family costume theme.  One… Continue reading Halloween Pregnancy Costume 2014: Turtle