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Happy Valentine’s Day Playlist

   This week I was splurging on one of my favorite bars, the Chocolate Peppermint Luna Bar, when I realized that they have quotes written on the wrapper!  Most of you know I LOVE quotes, but this quote was just perfect.  Perfect because Valentine's Day was approaching over the weekend and I was having trouble… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day Playlist

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Power Yoga Playlist – “Earth”

On April 22nd each year, we celebrate Earth Day.  It is a great reminder to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!  A perfect example is observing the habits of my 3 year old daughter and realizing I have plenty of teachable moments to show her how we can be much kinder to the environment! Example #1) After… Continue reading Power Yoga Playlist – “Earth”

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Power Yoga Playlist – “Cinco De Mayo”

What is the meaning behind Cinco De Mayo?  Many people (including myself), have wrongly thought that it is to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day.  However that holiday is really on September 16th.  Cinco De Mayo is actually a celebration of the Mexican army defeating the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, even though they… Continue reading Power Yoga Playlist – “Cinco De Mayo”

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Power Yoga Playlist – “Everything Is OK”

I am a huge worrywart.  My husband can fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, whereas I stay up tossing and turning replaying events from the present day or stressing over my to-do list for the next day.  I worry about big things, like whether I am raising my daughter "right," or… Continue reading Power Yoga Playlist – “Everything Is OK”

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Power Yoga Playlist – “Spring”

March is here, and we begin to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring.  One of my favorite things about March is seeing all the spring blossoms that begin appearing everywhere.  A normal commute along the usual roads, or a regular walking path around the neighborhood, can be brightened by the beautiful colors and… Continue reading Power Yoga Playlist – “Spring”

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Power Yoga Playlist – “President Style”

When I prepare for my yoga classes each week, I first decide on a theme for the week such as gratitude, fear, or perseverance.  Then I search for inspirational quotes to share with my classes that fit the theme.  Finally, I try to make a playlist that has at least a couple, if not all,… Continue reading Power Yoga Playlist – “President Style”

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Power Yoga Playlist – “Brand New Day”

Today is Chinese New Years and one of the traditions leading up to the New Year is to clean the house and cut your hair as an act of getting rid of any misfortune from the previous year and to prepare for good luck to arrive.  On New Years Day, new clothes and shoes are… Continue reading Power Yoga Playlist – “Brand New Day”