The Power With Grace
TRX Plank 
Core Strength
Mother Daughter Exercise

Hey, we are all really busy people.  Most of us have one hour to spend at the gym (if even that), so when you show up for a class, Grace wants you to have a jam-packed whole body strength and cardio workout so that you will feel satisfied and DONE for the day.  Not all of us can spend 2-3 hours working out everyday!  So what can you expect from Grace’s fitness classes?  Non-stop moving, synchronized with Top 40 music, mixing strength and cardio bursts of all-out intensity that leaves you shaking and breathless!

Check out Grace’s Fitness SCHEDULE:

  • Wednesday 9:15am HIIT Cardio Strength Class at Bay Club Marin
  • Friday 9:30am TRX Tabata at Marin Power Yoga


Fitness Tutorials:

My First Triathlon and What I Want to Remember – November 2018

Triathlon 101 – Step One: Commit – October 2018

Best TRX Core Exercises Choreographed to Me and My Girls by Selena Gomez – December 2015

Instagram Challenge: #4WeeksOfCoreTreats – August 2015

Handstand Challenge – June 2015

How to Get Started With Suspension Based Training – March 2015


Fitness Choreography

Grace has been teaching cardio and strength fitness classes since 2005.  Grace was also a professional choreographer for Michelle Dozois, the creator of the Peak Fit System and BodyFIT360, and Grace appears in several of Michelle’s DVD’s.

Click here to purchase the BodyFIT360 DVD.

Click here to purchase the Peak 10 Cardio Strength Remix DVD.


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