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Halloween Family Costume 2015: Pandamania

Panda and Bamboo Halloween Costume

To keep with my family tradition of a Halloween themed costume, here is a short post about this year’s theme: Pandas!  It always starts by asking my older daughter (4 years old) what she wants to be.  I was expecting “Princess” or “Anna and Elsa,” but to my surprise, she picked my favorite animal ever – a panda!  Really???  Yes!  So I searched for a cute toddler panda costume with a black tutu, and an infant fluffy panda suit and found the best price on eBay.  Normally I make the adult costume, but then I found a onesie for myself and had to get it because I will actually wear it around the house in place of a robe… it is AWESOME.

OK, so for my husband, I knew he would have to carry my younger daughter (9 months old), so I thought it would be adorable for him to wear the Ergo and be bamboo!  Here is how I made his costume:

Panda and Bamboo Halloween Costume1) I bought a couple green pool noodles online.  It’s definitely more expensive than using long balloons like I did in my sea anemone costume 2 years ago, but it’s sturdy and light, and I figured I would just have a few stalks versus 20-30!

Panda and Bamboo Halloween Costume

2) At first I was going to use rubber bands and tie them around the pool noodle, but masking tape was the best solution.  It’s perfectly thick enough, and of course it sticks well onto the foam.

Panda and Bamboo Halloween Costume

3) Using my post kindergarten teacher skills, I cut out some green leaf shapes and just used clear scotch tape to secure them onto the top of the noodle.  It isn’t the most secure method, but it is fast (I always make these costumes literally the night before), and fine as long as you are not purposely tugging on the leaves.

Panda and Bamboo Halloween Costume

4) Ta-Da!  Repeat the process for as many pool noodles as you want!  I just used 3.

Panda and Bamboo Halloween Costume

5) Optional – make a leaf hat.  Haha, this isn’t really necessary to the costume, but I like to secretly bully my husband and add on these ridiculous accessories since this is the one time of the year he will actually be willing to dress up.  Haha.

Panda and Bamboo Halloween Costume

All done!  Simply tuck the bamboo stalks into the hip and shoulder straps of the Ergo!  Pandamania!!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!


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