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Instagram Challenge: #4WeeksOfCoreTreats

Instagram Challenge: #4WeeksOfCoreTreats

Alright, so I am officially convinced that Yoga Challenges work now.  A yoga challenge is a commitment to a daily, consistent practice on a specific skill or pose.  In June, I did my own Handstand Challenge and improved my handstand time from 1 minute 44 seconds to 2 minutes 50 seconds.  In July, I joined three different Instagram Yoga Challenges (#BacktoBackbends, #BendyByZuvi, and #BackbendNoEnd), and the picture above shows how my Wheel Pose changed within those 31 days!  Yoga challenges work!

I am blessed and thankful to have finally built a perfect teaching schedule that helps me balance my life as a mom of two.  I teach 15 classes each week, and to be honest, if I didn’t have kids I probably would double the classes if I could because I LOVE it.  However, my struggle with teaching so many classes is finding time for myself to be a student.   

I am a strong believer that everyone must always have a beginner’s mind and continue having the desire to learn and grow.  If we have no desire to learn as students, then we should no longer be teachers because that means there is a large piece missing – passion. For a few months now, I have been missing my own yoga practice, maybe taking one class a week, if I was lucky.  Without a strong personal practice, I was lacking inspiration and connection as a teacher to my own students.  That is not okay.

Since joining Instagram over 2 months ago, I have found some truly AMAZING yogis who I now follow and learn from.  These yogis are not only extremely talented and advanced, but also they are creative and inspiring.  I have been learning new poses everyday and I am a better teacher for it.

Therefore, with August as a new month, I am joining another Instagram Yoga Challenge called #4WeeksOfCoreTreats hosted by @cyogalab, in hopes of building up my lost core strength since having a baby 6 months ago, and in hopes of getting back my Press Handstand that I worked so hard on before baby!!!  If anyone wants to join me this month, find me on Instagram @gracelingyu!!!

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