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Power Yoga Playlist – “President Style”


When I prepare for my yoga classes each week, I first decide on a theme for the week such as gratitude, fear, or perseverance.  Then I search for inspirational quotes to share with my classes that fit the theme.  Finally, I try to make a playlist that has at least a couple, if not all, songs related to the theme.

Well, since today is President’s Day, I decided to set this week’s theme as “change,” encouraging my students to try new poses or new variations of poses to change and grow and transform their practice.  Quotes by Presidents were pretty easy to find on the internet, but what I wasn’t sure about was how to come up with a President music playlist.  I had no clue what songs to choose.

I use Spotify to find music because I love how playlists are shared openly and I can create as many playlists as I want and stream them offline in my yoga classes.  Much to my surprise, I found President Obama’s playlists, including his Official Inauguration Playlist, Michelle’s Workout Mix, Supporter Picks, and 2012 Campaign Playlist!

So here’s a few songs I mixed together from President Obama’s playlist for a one hour Power Yoga class.  Enjoy!


Power Yoga Playlist – “President Power”

Introduction / Pose Breakdown / Breathwork:


Sun Salutations A & B:

1) “Wake Up,” by Arcade Fire, 5:35

2) “SING,” by My Chemical Romance, 4:30

Standing Work Series:

3) “Suddenly I See,” by KT Tunstall, 3:22

4) “Respect,” by Aretha Franklin, 2:23

5) “Keep Marchin’,” by Raphael Saadiq, 2:38

6) “The Best Thing About Me is You,” by Ricky Martin & Joss Stone, 3:36

7) “Wake Up Everybody,” by John Legend, The Roots, Common & Melanie Fiona, 4:25

8) “Learn To Live,” by Darius Rucker, 3:47

Backbending / Core Work:

9) “Home,” by Dierks Bentley, 3:58

10) “Love You I Do,” by Jennifer Hudson, 2:49

Hips / Deep Stretching:

11) “Something Special,” by Usher, 3:57

12) “Ordinary People,” by John Legend, 4:41


13) “Mute Angels,” by Hammock, 4:56


Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  We are the change that we seek.”

~ Barack Obama

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