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Simple Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving Kindergarteners

Every year in my Kindergarten classroom, we spent the days before Thanksgiving talking about what “giving thanks” meant.  At first, most of the kids were only appreciative of the toys and physical belongings they had.  After more discussions, the students began to look deeper into their daily lives and into their surroundings, and then every child would share one new “Thanksgiving” that had not been mentioned yet.  I would write them all down and create a newsletter for the parents, or in several more ambitious years, I would have the kids illustrate their “Thanksgiving” in the computer lab and create a photo book for the families.

As we enter Thanksgiving this year on November 28, 2013, I encourage you to also make a list of your Thanksgivings, whether just a mental list, or maybe a written one that you can keep and look back on year after year.  Begin with the superficial items that you are thankful for and then dig deeper to acknowledge specific people, memories, or objects that have made 2013 special.

Here I share what some of my Kindergarteners wrote:

Room 8 Kindergarteners are thankful for…

… my sister because she plays with me. (Ewan)

… my toy dragon because it has lightning pieces on the wings. (Siddharth)

… my dog because he comes near me when I am sad. (Jon)

… pillows because they are soft. (Elijah)

… computers because I can make something on the computer. (Nanaka)

… the playground because I can go on the monkey bars. (Alana)

… TV shows because I like to watch cartoons. (Sainik)

… jackets because when I am cold I can wear it. (Kai-Ting)

… noodles because they are skinny. (Anthony)

… my bicycle because I can ride it. (Madeline) 

… chairs because when I eat I can sit down. (Konoka) 

… my monster ball because when I poke it, it opens and there is a Pokemon inside.  (Yuko)

… my teddy bear because I can hug him to sleep. (Vivian)

… my duck because I play with it at my daddy’s house.  (Evelyn)

… food because I can eat. (Tess)

… my family. (Evan)

… boats because I love them. (Paul)

… my cat because he tickles me. (Shaunak)

… video games because I can play them after dinner. (Sumanth)

… my teacher because she teaches me art. (Madhav)

… silly bands because I like to wear them all the time. (Ava)

… my big brother because he makes me laugh when I cry. (Rylee)

… toys because I can build Legos. (Nobuaki)

… my mom because she makes rice for me. (Anika)

… my bedroom because I can spend time with my sister. (Sreenidhi)

… my dad because he lets me watch TV. (Caroline)

… shoes because you can walk, run, or climb. (Saad)

… friends because they play with me all the time. (Clarissa)

… Nintendo because it has Luigi in the picture. (Adrian)

… my cousin because she bakes cookies with me. (Frances)

… my party dress because it is for parties at my house. (Mia)

… my grandma because she hugs me. (Sydney)

… my piano because I can play my favorite songs in my room whenever I want to.  (Jimin)

Thankful Book Kindergarteners

If you would like to read more examples of different Thanksgivings from the view of a 5-year-old, please click on the image above.  I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with happiness, health, and full bellies!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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