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15-Day Australia Itinerary (With a Toddler)

Sydney Bridge Australia
Enjoying dinner at the Opera House across from the Sydney Bridge.

A couple of months ago, my husband found out he was going to have a rare, extended vacation over the summer months of July and August, and we decided to take advantage of his time off and travel for 2-3 weeks internationally.  We could have gone anywhere, but when choosing a vacation spot, we realized that we were actually quite limited with the choices because we were going to be traveling with our then 22-month-old toddler.  Some factors that affected our decision included: avoiding extremely hot or humid places, cleanliness and ease of on-the-go diaper changes, safety walking around and using public transportation, friendliness to Americans or English-speakers, and lastly, plenty of child-friendly activities and destinations.

We ended up deciding to go to Australia, and although we had to endure a 15-hour flight from California, it turned out to be the best vacation for our family.  Australia was the perfect place because: our summer is their winter, which turned out to be perfect 75-degree weather in some areas, the city takes incredible care of the community by keeping the streets, parks, and all public areas extremely clean, it was very safe to be out walking in the streets even at nighttime, everyone was beyond friendly and helpful especially for lost tourists, and Australia’s activities – like seeing a koala or kangaroo – are must-do activities for a person of any age.

For anyone who is interested in traveling to Australia, especially if you have a child, or if you would just like to see what Australia has to offer, I would love to share our family’s 15-Day Australia Itinerary to Sydney, Cairns, and Hamilton Island.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like more details about any part of our trip!  Happy reading!

Zaydee to Australia

Kurunda Koala Gardens
Koalas are really as cuddly as they look!

7 thoughts on “15-Day Australia Itinerary (With a Toddler)”

  1. Hi Grace,
    My name is Dianne and I’m currently researching a toddler-friendly (I have a 20 months old son) itinerary to Australia for a 2 week holiday and I stumbled upon your post. It’d be great if you could share your itinerary with me, along with any highlights or things to avoid. Thanks a lot in advance!!

  2. Hi Grace…

    We are almost going to go on your exact trip…but for longer time this August… I was wondering if there is anything else you would have gone to see if you had more time? Did you use public transportation much? I was wondering if you had issues with a stroller or if there is plenty of space…. thanks much. Susan

    1. Hi Susan,

      If you are there longer, you should stop at more places!!! Fly to Melbourne, or stop by Brisbane, or explore more of the Whitsunday Islands! We did mostly walking and public transportation, and the stroller was fine, although it’s a pain to collapse it. As long as their are no elderly or handicapped people, they let us use that section to keep our stroller. Wasn’t crowded though! Have fun!!!

  3. Hi!
    Thank you so much! I know its been years, but we are planning a trip in July and this was very useful!
    hope the kids and family is good!

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