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Remembering Michelle

Remembering Michelle Allen
I wish you didn’t have cancer too, Michelle. Miss you.

Dear Michelle,

Do you remember the first time I met you?  It was my first time walking on the Eaton campus as a brand-new teacher, and I was a lost puppy trying to find my displaced portable room 1 among all the construction.  You and Stacey were the first people that greeted me and welcomed me to what would soon be my home for the next 10 years.

Do you remember our Friday afternoon buddy sessions?  Your fourth graders always took care of my little ones.  In fact, they took care of them so well, that you and I could sit in the corner grading, doing report cards, checking emails, running to the bathroom, or just giggling and chatting together.

Do you remember when I shared about my migraines?  The next day, I found out that you had done all of this research online for me and then printed out articles for me to read listing all the triggers I should be avoiding.  I still have those papers because I’m terrible about avoiding those trigger foods.

Do you remember taking a chance to do something new and uncomfortable because it meant a lot to me?  After three years of watching the end-of-the-year teacher talent show dance, you decided to appease me and participate in our fourth routine, MC Mrakava and the Funky Bunch.  I know you had fun, secretly =)

Do you remember all the struggle you overcame to become a mother?  After waiting patiently for so long, your dreams came true with the adoption of Tyler and then later Grayson.  I will never forget visiting the NICU when Tyler was a premie fighting to survive, and you were there by his side gently stroking him with those gloves you insert through the glass window.

Do you remember meeting the love of your life?


16 years ago today, I stood outside the movie theaters, nervously looking for the woman I was supposed to meet for my blind date (let’s face it, my first date ever) All I knew was that she was a pretty, petite, blonde. I also knew I had a fever of 101. When I spotted Shelly for the first time, my first thought was, “She’s cute, hope it’s her.” It was. We met up with Marcos, to find that his date had flaked. We went in, ordered food, and found our seats… Marcos sat 2 seats away from us, so we felt like we had a chaperone. We watched the 20th anniversary re-release of Star Wars. Each of us had a hand on our own knee, so only our pinkies touched. It felt like my finger was on fire, though it could have been my fever. After the movie, Shelly and I sat in her car for a while, chatted, and exchanged phone numbers. We hugged when we parted, and I felt like I was floating! When I got home, I checked my temperature… I was at 103.2!

And that was the beginning of the most amazing 16 years of my life.

I love you more than you can ever know. You are my everything.

I Love You
Happy Anniversary


Andrea, you are an amazing person that has loved, supported, and walked with Michelle through everything.  I admire your courage, your focus, and your determination to heal Michelle and to take care of your family.  No words can ease the pain of what you must be feeling, so I can only offer you my prayers for healing and for comfort.  I am thinking of you, Tyler, and Grayson…

Dearest Michelle,

I will always remember you, buddy.

I miss you.

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