Yoga Dance

Is it possible to synchronize yoga movements with musical melodies and lyrics?  I’ve never thought of yoga as a choreographed “dance,” but here is my attempt at trying it out.  By the way, this is the direct result of having a caffeinated beverage (milk tea) after dinner: Creating random yoga dance routines at 3 am.

Note: I chose this song because so many times after introducing myself as a little girl, someone would say, “Oh like Amazing Grace?” and they would start singing. It has a special place in my heart because I’ve known the lyrics for so long, but didn’t really understand the meaning behind the words until 20 years later. I am far far far from “amazing,” but I do appreciate and am grateful for God’s wonderful and amazing graces in my life – giving me second, third, hundred chances, loving me when I didn’t love myself, helping me find a purposeful life, and guiding me day by day. This routine is a blend of everything I love: yoga, dance, choreography, music, and God. Thanks for watching!

A Just-For-Fun Choreographed Yoga Dance Routine

Music: Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” and Pink’s “Try.”

8 thoughts on “Yoga Dance”

  1. Damn it Grace! I was like cool, Yoga with Grace video 🙂 after watching- I’m like, I need start break dancing again, freezes/poses, and headstands 🙂 Great WORK!

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